Giselle | 2018
Inspired by "Fantômes" in Les "Fantômes" in Les Orientales by Victor Hugo, Jules-Henri Vernoy de St. Georges and Théophile Gautier created the ballet of Giselle which follows the short lived love between Albrecht the nobleman and Giselle, the sickly peasant girl, which subsequently leads to her death. In this project, the timeless story of Giselle is reimagined among the Taiwanese indigenous landscape during the Japanese occupation from 1895 to 1945. The Wilis, a group of deceased brides who return to punish the men who left them, are depicted in the traditional Atayal tribe's wedding attire. During the occupation, relationships between the Taiwanese aborigine tribes and Japanese were tense as the Japanese sought to replace Taiwanese traditions and culture with that of their own. 
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