100 Mighty Dragons All Named Broccoli
Written by David LaRochelle | Apr 04 2023
Published by Dial Books for Young Readers
Mathical Book Prize Honor 
Texas 2x2 Reading List 2024
Read Aloud Indiana Ageless List 2024
Smithsonian Museum Best Children's Books of 2023
2023 PureWow Happy Kids Award Winner
This wacky counting adventure by Geisel Award-winning author David LaRochelle is a hilarious ode to dragons and math, with pitch-perfect art by Lian Cho.

High on a mountain live 100 mighty dragons all named Broccoli. When a tremendous wind blows half the dragons away, ten others sail off to become professional surfers in Hawaii. The oldest and youngest dragons take a train to New York City to start their own heavy metal band. And a mysterious wizard turns four more into a unicorn, a werewolf, a zombie, and a tiny pink poodle. Now how many dragons are left? Young readers will delight in following each and every dragon as they leave their home for marvelous adventures, until there is but one dragon remaining. That’s when this final dragon named Broccoli retreats to a cave for the winter and reappears in the spring with a surprise that will thrill and delight. Prepare to read again!
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