Pig Town Party
Oct 29 2024
Published by HarperCollins

"If you have ever, or never, been invited to a Pig Town Party, this book is for you! Always beware of unexpected pig invitations." -Jon Scieszka, National Ambassador of Young People's Literature and Pig Expert
“To hold this book is to hold an invitation to the party of the year. I had an unforgettable time.” -Shawn Harris, Caldecott Honoree of Have You Ever Seen a Flower?
When a mysterious invite addressed to “Cutie” arrives in the mail, a young girl follows the mailman through the hedges and discovers a dazzling, secret world of . . . pigs. 

Pigs on bikes. 

Pigs in bakeries. 

Pigs on their way to a mansion. 

Author-illustrator Lian Cho delivers a rib-tickling picture book about a young girl who receives a mysterious invite to a Pig Town party and follows the trail into a secret world of pigs—where epic parties, chase scenes, and a cake heist soon unfold. Hilarious twists abound—hand to fans of K-Fai Steele, Monica Arnaldo, and Mac Barnett. 
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